DSC_0003What is Chelsea Tutorials?

Chelsea Tutorials provides classes for the homeschooled student in a tutorial structure. We believe in a true Christian education and seek to have biblically integrated classes where students are exposed to material from a biblical worldview.

What is a tutorial?

Think of a tutorial like a 1- or 2-day-per-week class. Your child will be in a classroom setting with an instructor and peers. Assignments may be made so that your child has the opportunity to review the current week’s concepts and prepare for the next week’s class.

If you participate in a tutorial program, you pay a fee to the instructor to enroll your child in class. You are not required to actively participate in a tutorial program. This structure is especially helpful for parents who are employed or who have other children at home who are not enrolled in the tutorial program. CT is one of several tutorial programs in the area.

What is a co-op program?

A co-op program is, well, a cooperative. You as the parent are often expected to pitch-in by teaching classes, providing childcare, etc. There are many fine co-op programs in the area, but CT is not a co-op program.

Who teaches at Chelsea Tutorials?

Most instructors are parents of students. Many of our instructors have advanced degrees. Many have taught in a formal classroom environment (either in public or private school).  Most have homeschooled their own children or are otherwise actively engaged in the education of their children. All instructors have passed background checks.

How big are the classes?

Class size ranges from 4 students to 15 students, depending on the age and subject matter.

Who will be in class with my child?

Other homeschooled students. Many classes are multi-age level classes spanning 2 or 3 grade levels.

Do the instructors work for Chelsea Tutorials?

No, the instructors set their own fees and are paid directly by the parents of students.

How is the facility fee used?

The facility fee covers the additional insurance required due to the presence of students during the week. The fee also covers a small portion of building utilities, supplies, maintenance, and classroom furniture.

Is Chelsea Tutorials a church (cover) school?

No. You will need to be a member of one of the area’s church (cover) schools.

I am new to homeschooling…who can help me?

The fine administrators of area church schools are a fantastic resource. The Home School Legal Defense Fund (www.hslda.org) is also a spectacular source of information. You may also contact Monica McDaniel, coordinator of CT, at 205-937-1423, and she can send you in the right direction.