Annual Homeschool Used Curriculum Sale

Click here to download the PDF for the Homeschool Curriculum Sale – flyer 2019

Who:        Anyone involved in homeschooling

What:      A sale of items you no longer need – curriculum,

supplies, games, puzzles, anything used from

preschool through high school ages

Where:    Grace Presbyterian Church, PCA

109 Foothills Pkwy, Suite 104

Chelsea, AL 35043


Drop-off Times:    Sunday (May19) 2pm – 5pm & Monday (May 20) 2pm – 5:30pm

Shopping Days & Times:

Monday (May 20) 6:30pm – 8:30pm

Tuesday (May 21) 10am – 3pm

Wednesday (May 22) 10am – 3pm

****** (no shopping outside of these listed times, please) ******

Pick-up Time:         Thursday (May 23) 10am – 12pm

Labeling items for sale: Place an envelope in or on each item you wish to sell. Please secure envelope to the item. Write your name, your phone number, the item name and the cost of the item on the outside of the envelope.

Payment for items you purchase: As you purchase an item, place the amount owed into the envelope (cash or check made payable to the seller), and bring the envelope to the cashier’s table. Exact payment is required; change is not provided.

Questions: Contact Monica McDaniel at or at 205-937-1423.

Note: We cannot be responsible for any lost or misplaced items. Any items not picked up by Thursday, May 23th at 12pm will be considered to be a donation to Chelsea Tutorials (

All sellers will pay a $5 fee to sell items. This amount is due when you drop off your items for sale.

Shoppers pay no fees!    Everyone is welcome to buy and sell!    Invite your friends!

Sponsored by Chelsea Tutorials & Grace Presbyterian Church, PCA