General Description

Chelsea Tutorials is a ministry of Grace Presbyterian Church, PCA, in Chelsea, Alabama. We provide classes for the homeschool student in a co-op structure. We believe in a true Christian education and seek to have biblically integrated classes.

Tutorial classes will be offered for approximately 16 weeks per semester. The course description prepared by the independent faculty will state the credit value (for high school level classes) and the level of homework associated with the course. Classes are taught by area professionals who are known by members of Grace Presbyterian Church, PCA.

Grade Levels

A variety of classes are available for students from kindergarten through the 12th grade. Many classes are multi-age classes. Please read the course description carefully to determine if a class is appropriate for your student.

Withdrawal from Class

Please prayerfully consider your child’s enrollment. Enrollment in a Chelsea Tutorials class is a year-long commitment, and parents are obligated to pay for the class for the entire year. Exceptions to this policy are death of a parent, moving more than 30 miles away, or parent becomes unemployed. No exceptions are given for the following reasons: child has too many activities, child has re-enrolled in school or child is tired of class(es).

Class Times

Please drop off and pick up your children promptly. We do not have before-class or after-class supervision available.

Class Location

All classes are held at Grace Presbyterian Church, PCA, 109 Foothills Parkway, Suite 104, Chelsea, AL 35043.

Facility Fee

The annual facility fee is $30 per student per class. Administrative fees will not exceed $150 per family. This fee is payable to Grace Presbyterian Church, PCA, on the first day of class.

Building Policy

It is the policy of Grace Presbyterian Church, PCA, that 2 adults must be present in the building when classes are in session. On occasion, parents may be asked to volunteer to ensure that classes comply with this policy.


Please register for classes by June 30th. Students registering after that date will be charged a $25 late registration fee. Classes not meeting the minimum enrollment by this date may be cancelled by the instructor. Registration fees will be refunded if a class is canceled.

Weather Policy

Chelsea Tutorials will follow the Shelby County school system in the area of weather related closings. Tutorial classes may also be canceled, delayed or rescheduled by the instructor due to weather concerns.


Questions regarding a specific class should be addressed to the instructor. Questions regarding Chelsea Tutorials in general may be addressed to Monica McDaniel at 205-937-1423 or mmcdaniel@gracechelsea.org.


Other Area Programs

Other sources of information regarding activities in the Birmingham area:

If our program does not meet the needs of your family, we encourage you to investigate other area tutorial and co-op programs:

If you wish to add your program to this list, please contact Monica McDaniel at mmcdaniel@gracechelsea.org.

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